Founded by female entrepreneur, Sarai Morales, SEA LA VIDA has been designed with choice, empowerment and inclusivity at its heart.


“Growing up by the beach in Mexico, I often had feelings of anxiety and felt self-conscious about my curves as well as coverage. I always had to compromise - either swimwear that made me feel supported but didn’t reflect my fashion-loving personality, or something that really wasn’t cut for my curves yet was the ‘in’ look that I really wanted to be part of.


“After speaking to many women, it was clear that this compromise continues to be a major struggle - so I decided to do something about it, and SEA LA VIDA was born. My intention is to offer women something that means they no longer have to compromise - something that is luxurious, current, inspires confidence and ultimately ticks all the boxes!”

 - Sarai Morales, Founder